Brisbane’s transport network supports over three million people

Our roads, railways, busways and ferries, airports, and the Port of Brisbane together support more than three million residents and visitors in the greater Brisbane metropolitan area.

In 2006, the Department of Transport and Main Roads and Brisbane City Council established the Brisbane Metropolitan Transport Management Centre (BMTMC) to operate Brisbane’s traffic and bus networks.
From our operations room, we manage all Brisbane City Council and State-owned roads throughout the greater metropolitan area, as well as the city’s busways and Brisbane Transport’s massive bus fleet.
We work closely with police, emergency services, RACQ, public transport operators, private motorway companies and maintenance contractors to ensure a safe and predictable commute for residents and visitors.

The BMTMC provides 24/7 traffic and public transport management for the greater Brisbane metropolitan area

Traffic Management Centre

The Traffic Management centre (TMC) provides 24/7 incident management on all Brisbane City Council and State-owned roads in the greater Brisbane Metropolitan area.

Busways Operations Centre

With 29 kilometres of dedicated bus roadway and 27 busway stations, our busways serve over 70 million commuters each year.

Network Coordination Centre

Our Network Coordination Centre staff provide real-time incident management and support to Brisbane Transport’s drivers and buses across Southeast Queensland.

The BMTMC’s partners and stakeholders


The RACQ provides field services to the BMTMC. With its fleet of Traffic Response Units and numerous towing contractors at hand, the RACQ plays an important part in responding to and clearing traffic incidents quickly.

Police and emergency services

The BMTMC works closely with police and emergency services to provide safe and predictable transport network conditions. A senior police officer is posted at the BMTMC during working day peak hours and escalated operations to ensure efficient communication, and speed up incident response and clearance

Private road operators

Brisbane’s toll roads – which include the Clem7, AirportlinkM7 and Legacy Way tunnels; Go Between Bridge; and Gateway and Logan motorways – are managed by private companies. Any traffic incident on the city’s toll road network will impact on the public road network and vice versa. Therefore, the BMTMC has ongoing contact with the traffic management centres of private road operators in the area to exchange information, coordinate incident responses and publish traffic information.

Public and commercial broadcasters

Broadcasters of traffic information are important stakeholders to the BMTMC. Based at our Traffic Management Centre, professional radio presenters broadcast live traffic updates during morning and afternoon peaks to local radio stations, including 96Five, 612 ABC, ABC Coast FM and ABC Sunshine Coast FM.

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