The BMTMC managed 23,231 traffic incidents in 2022



Stationary vehicles


Other incidents

Our incident management services contribute to a safer, more predictable commute

The Traffic Management centre (TMC) provides 24/7 incident management on all Brisbane City Council and State-owned roads in the greater Brisbane Metropolitan area.

From our operations room, we monitor and optimise the traffic network, coordinate real-time incident management, and provide live traffic information to motorists. It all adds up to a safer and more predictable commute.

As the single point of contact for incident management on roads in the Brisbane region, the TMC contributes to faster responses and quicker clearance of traffic incidents, minimising their impact on the road network.

Our incident managers respond to more than 18,000 crashes, traffic hazards and stationary vehicles each year, as well as multiple significant weather events and other major incidents.

They also manage traffic around public events, monitor traffic flow and roadworks, coordinate clearway towing for Brisbane City Council and provide free tows-to-safety for broken down vehicles on motorways.

Our presence in the field

Traffic management cameras

Variable messaging signs

Motorway help phones

Here’s how we manage traffic incidents

1. Detect

Our operators detect traffic incidents through police and emergency services, bus operators, vehicle detectors, CCTV cameras, and informations from the public, our traffic response units, or social media.

2. Verify

The first step in managing an incident is verifying its existence, either through our traffic response units, police on scene, camera or multiple calls to 131940.

3. Respond

Our initial response focuses on making the incident scene and approaches safe, warning motorists and dispatching incident responders.

4. Manage

We aim to minimise congestion by helping motorists plan ahead, and clearing incidents from traffic lanes as quickly as possible.

5. Clear

Once an incident is clear, we continue to monitor and manage roads throughout the area, and provide travel updates until traffic has returned to normal.

6. Review

We always review our response to major traffic incidents to look for ways we can improve our incident management processes and provide motorists a safer and more predictable commute.